by the Suncross

30 july 2011. We have made a section for downloading english language books (see below).

6 nov 2009. The translation service is down. Uncertain when it will be up again.

We have so far written only a single article in english (available below) because we consider the translation effort ill spent. Why don't you read the norwegian texts and translate them for yourself and others? We have decided to help you. There is now a translation service available. Below is a menu - click on it and not on the swastika banner on the left! What you get is norwegian texts where you can click on any word and have it translated, as far as the dictionary goes. Grammar is a headache and a limitation, but the engine does understand some simple things. Prove to yourself that you've got brains and read the norwegian texts! You should be able to read almost any european language, it's important in our struggle. The translation service is inherited by documents reached by following links. To exit from this service click on the swastika banner.

First steps toward the Suncross This is what we are and where we are. If you are a man or woman of nordic race we beckon you to come home to the holy ground and become once more what you are.

English language books for download